GB Weekly SPP and APP (UK and EU Spec) 


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SPP - Week ending 18/05/2019

Price p/kgPence change
GB SPP UK Spec 141.8 1.5
GB SPP Euro Spec 144.4 1.6

APP - Week ending 11/05/2019

Price p/kgPence change
GB APP UK Spec 144.0 1.1
GB APP Euro Spec 146.6 1.1

Time updated: 04:20 PM 22/05/2019

GB Standard Pig Price

The GB Standard Pig Price (SPP) is a new price reporting series. It is a voluntary survey of pig abattoirs who provide their kill data including weight, probe, sex and price of their weekly kill. Unlike the DAPP only standard pigs are included in the GB SPP. Standard pigs are those where no explicit premium is paid for a specific attribute other than weight and grade.

GB APP Pig Price

The GB APP is a new price reporting series. The APP has the same specification as the DAPP but data is collected from sellers rather than buyers. It is based on individual pig data that includes the gross price (before deductions) and weekly paid bonus payments. It will not include retrospective bonus payments that are dependent on achieving contract criteria.